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Anurag Jain

Anurag Jain, an IIM Mumbai Alumnus, was recently awarded the Best Business Coach in India on AI. Grab this chance to learn directly from Anurag Jain!

DATE: 10th December

Dive into a 3-hour Masterclass with Anurag Jain, and discover how to 10x your Business or Career using AI, witnessing tangible breakthroughs right in the session.

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Golden Chance to Learn from India's Best Business Coach:
💫 Author of Best-Seller "Powerhouse", an AI Playbook
💫 Led Billion $ Businesses like Amazon, Leveraging AI
💫 Built and Consulted 100+ Brands to Reach 1 Cr+ Revenue

AI Revolution has Begun
Don't Be a Casualty of Change. See the Real Cost of Ignoring AI in Today’s Job Market and Business World.


AI is Redefining the Game: Stay Ahead or Be Left Behind. Future-Proof Your Solo Venture or Career with Essential AI Skills Today!

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  • Eradicate  Time-Consuming Manual Tasks
  • Eliminate  Inefficiency in Data Analysis
  • Get Over  Marketing Guesswork
  • Alleviate  Customer Service Bottlenecks
  • Resolve   Inconsistent Sales Performance
  • Conquer   Scaling Hurdles
  • Master   Personalization Techniques
  • Surpass   Market Research Limitations
  • Accelerate   Your Decision-Making Process
  • Banish   Stress and Prevent Burnout

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Unlock these Secrets Within This Masterclass!

Demystifying AI Application Across Business Functions


Whether it’s sales, marketing, lead generation, or customer service, learn the A-Z of selecting and implementing AI tools that can transform each function and scale your business by 10x.

Unveiling the Power of Automation to Every Aspect of Your Work


Learn the ins and outs of integrating automation tools that can handle everything from lead generation to customer service, sales to marketing, allowing you to focus on strategic and 10x growth.

Mastering AI-Driven Tools & Strategies to be Your 10x Version


Learn to leverage AI-driven tools for decision-making, compelling presentations, and impactful communication. Elevate every business function, from sales to marketing , and operate at a 10x.

Who Can Attend This Masterclass...

⚠️Specially Designed for Solo Entrepreneurs & Working Professionals ⚠️

1. Visionary Individuals: Solo Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Authors
2. Career Professionals: Wanting to 10x their Career, or escape the 9-5 Grind
3. Mentors, Advisors, and Career Experts: Coaches, Consultants, and Professionals
4. Aspiring Income Generators: Individuals Eager to Monetize Their Knowledge and Passion
5. Knowledge Sharers: Those Who Possess Valuable Expertise and a Desirable Message
6. Course Creation Enthusiasts: Individuals with a Burning Desire to Craft Their First Online Course
7. Authority Seekers: Individuals Striving to Establish Themselves as Esteemed Figures in Their Respective Fields

3-Hour Workshop Course Content

3 Hour AI For Business Masterclass
By Anurag Jain (Awarded India's Best Business Coach on AI & Digital Business)

My Guarantee - It's Most Comprehensive Course on Applying AI For Business


🔥Burning Need for AI in Business & Career

  • Understand AI & It's Role in Boosting Business & Career 
  • Effectiveness of AI-driven strategies vs traditional approaches.
  • Learn Practical Applications of AI with Tools Like ChatGPT
  • Learn Advanced Prompt Formula to unlock true power of ChatGPT
  • Discover the AI Adoption Framework for Your Business or Career


💰 Applying AI Tools Across Business Functions

  • Using AI Tools to 10x Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation
  • Automating business operations with AI for cost savings and efficiency
  • Enhancing customer experience with AI-driven Tools
  • Leveraging AI for better data analysis and strategic decision-making
  • Transforming Other Functions like Supply Chain, HR, Legal etc. with AI


🧑‍💻 10x Your Producivity & Impact with AI

  • Free up valuable time by automating mundane tasks with AI Tools.
  • Using AI Tools for Personal and Team Productivity enhancement.
  • AI tools for Better Scheduling, Planning, and Time management.
  • Unleashing creativity in Problem-solving and Innovation with AI Tools
  • Make Great Presentations, Ace Any Interview, & Do More with AI Tools


📈 Turbocharge Your Growth with AI

  • Strategies for using AI Tools to scale your business or career.
  • AI tools for expanding your professional network and outreach.
  • Leveraging AI for building a Powerful Personal Brand.
  • Building Your Online Business 10x Faster with Zero Tech Skills
  • Live Q&A with Anurag Jain, to address your burning questions on AI!

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Unlock a treasure trove of over 2000 CHATGPT prompts and AI tools, your secret arsenal for dominating the digital space!


Complete Startup Document Kit (Value: Rs 2500)

Get your hands on the ultimate startup document kit, a comprehensive collection to streamline your entrepreneurial journey from day one!


1000+ High Conversion Funnels (Value: Rs 2500)

Dive into a goldmine of over 1000 high-conversion funnels, designed to skyrocket your marketing success and sales figures!


SEO and Site Builder Bundle (Value: Rs 2500)

Elevate your online presence with our SEO and site builder bundle, a powerhouse combo for scaling your digital footprint!"


100+ Business Presentation Templates (Value: Rs 2500)

Access over 100 sleek, professional business presentation templates, ready to impress and engage your audience at every pitch!


Digital Business Playbook (Value: Rs 1000)

Harness the full potential of digital strategies with our comprehensive digital business playbook, your roadmap to digital dominance!


Social Media Toolkit (Value: Rs 1500)

Revolutionize your social media game with our exclusive toolkit, packed with strategies and tips for impactful online engagement!

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DATE: 10th December


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Madhuri Nath


His coaching simplifies complex AI topics, making them perfect for learners like me. It's a practical, example-rich journey into AI that's ideal for anyone new to the field. His coaching is really transformative. A must for students and beginners eager to master AI!




Anurag's guidance is a goldmine for integrating the best AI tools into business. His expertise makes complex tools accessible and actionable, showcasing their real-world applications. Essential for leaders who want to excel in the digital age and harness the power of AI in their ventures.


Stuti Agarwal


Life-Changing Experience! Anurag sir's guidance offered profound insights into AI Tools and ChatGPT, essential in today's era. I was so engrossed, I absorbed every bit of it. Incredibly informative, especially for entrepreneurs looking to harness AI.


Anmol Jain


As a traditional business owner, I've always been a bit wary of the rapid technological shifts. But Anurag's guidance has been a revelation. By implementing his strategies, I've started to see significant efficiencies in my operations, reducing costs and boosting productivity.


Priya Rajesh


Anurag's strategies have been a game-changer for me. He not only demystified AI but also provided powerful insights on how to integrate AI into building my business. For freelancers or solo entrepreneurs wanting to build or scale 10x faster, I highly recommend this masterclass!




30-Day Masterclass with Anurag > Two Years of MBA! I've spent years in formal business education, but this masterclass delivered more actionable insights than most MBA programs offer in 2 years. I already have been able to build a 6 figure business!


Chetan Sarkar


Anurag Jain's AI insights revolutionized my business. His blend of AI and strategy transformed my leadership and marketing, bringing tangible improvements and innovative approaches to process automation. A real game-changer!




His deep dive into Prompt Engineering for business is commendable. It's more than understanding AI—it's about using it to 10x our impact in leadership and business. His practical applications are invaluable for staying ahead in the AI era.


Kiran Rawat


An absolute must for anyone seeking a proven AI integration strategy across business functions like Market Research, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, and Customer Support. Anurag Jain's approach is highly recommended for practical use of AI in Business or Career, alike.


About Your Mentor

Anurag Jain is a seasoned business leader and IIM, Mumbai alumnus with a strong background in both the Consumer and Technology industries. With his impressive academic credentials, he has successfully led global teams at top-notch international brands like Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Godrej, Abbott, and Expedia.

Anurag has helped hundreds of brands and businesses reach million-dollar milestone from scratch, over the last two decades. He has won multiple awards for Business Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and is a Top Voice on Linkedin on everything Leadership, Business and AI.

Anurag was also awarded as Best Business Coach in India, and was also conferred Business Leader of the Year Award for 2023 by Indian Achievers Forum, for the impact he created on Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Startups in coaching them to launch their business online and apply AI to build and scale their businesses.

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Win Awards

Live Competition in Webinar

Compete and shine in our webinar competition. Demonstrate your AI skills and win exciting awards!


Showcase Your Skills

Gain Certificate for Completion

Complete our masterclass and receive a certificate, marking your AI expertise and growth commitment!


Live Q&A

Attend Live Q&A with Anurag

Join an exclusive Q&A with Anurag Jain. Get personalized insights from India's Best Business Coach!

Coaching Individuals & Businesses To Unlock Their Best Version




Frequently Asked Question

  • What will I learn in this Masterclass?

You'll discover how to leverage AI to 10x your business growth, automate processes, and elevate every function from sales to marketing, customer support to supply chain, and beyond from an Industry Veteran, Anurag Jain. 

  • Who is this Masterclass for?

Ideal for aspiring business owners, solo entrepreneurs, students and freelancers looking to harness AI to build or scale their business 10x faster, with limited resourses.

  • Who is the instructor?

The course is conducted by Anurag Jain, an IIM Mumbai Alumnus, and an influential business leader in the Consumer and Technology sectors with global experience across prestigious brands like Johnson & Johnson, Godrej, and Amazon. Anurag has built and consulted 100+ businesses till date to reach the million dollar milestone from scratch. He was also recently awarded one of the Best Business Coaches in India, and Business Leader of the Year -2023, for the positive impact on small businesses with AI.

  • How long is the Masterclass?

This is a three-hour Masterclass, designed to be a compact yet comprehensive session. It’s structured to provide maximum value, actionable insights, and strategies that you can start implementing in your business right away.

  • What is the cost of the Masterclass?

The masterclass is priced at just INR 499 (vs Original Price of INR 4999), as my ambition is to support 100,000 Solo Business Owners supercharge their business with AI in 2024. Also, you get Bonus items worth 15000 INR for free, when you sign up for the masterclass. 

  • How will this Masterclass benefit my business?

The Masterclass is tailored to equip you with AI-driven tools and strategies to significantly enhance your business operations, efficiency, and profitability. It’s about transitioning from traditional methods to innovative AI-powered strategies to achieve higher productivity, data-driven decision-making, and a substantial competitive edge.

  • What level of technical expertise is required?

No particular technical expertise is required to benefit from this Masterclass. It's created with a focus on practical AI applications for business growth, making it accessible and beneficial for individuals at any technical level.

  • How will I access the Masterclass materials?

Upon registration, all essential materials and session links will be provided via email. This ensures you have everything you need to maximize your learning experience during the Masterclass.

  • Is there a certification upon completion?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Masterclass, you'll be awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate is a testament to the knowledge and skills you have acquired, which can be a valuable addition to your professional profile.


Are you ready to take the leap towards achieveing your Business or Career Dream with AI?

This is the pivotal moment where the trajectory of your business can change forever. The AI for Business and Career Masterclass is the key to unlocking that massive growth you've been striving for. Remember, every day without leveraging AI, is a day of potential growth lost.


DATE: 10th December

Offer Ends In :


I understand that embracing new technologies can feel overwhelming, but you're not in this alone. With the AI for Business Masterclass, you'll get the guidance, support, and the exact frameworks to ensure smooth sailing in your AI journey. And remember, this isn't just about keeping up with the competition; it's about outshining them. This is your chance to step into a new era of business excellence, make sure to grab it!

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